Editorial Office of the scientific Journal «Arid Ecosystems»

Editorial Office (Moscow department):

Russia, 119333, Moscow, Gubkina Str., 3, Room 418

Water Problems Institute of the Russian academy of sciences (WPI RAS)

Telephone: (499) 135-70-41

Fax: (499) 135-54-15

E-mail: arid.journal@yandex.ru

Web site: https://aridecosystems.ru

Editorial Office (Mahachkala department):

Russia, 367025, Mahachkala, Gadjieva str., 45,

Prikaspiyskiy Institute of biological resources of the Dagestan sciences centre of Russian academy of sciences (PIBR DSC RAS)

Telephone / Fax: (872-2) 67-60-66

E-mail: arid_journal@mail.ru

Web site: https://aridecosystems.ru